How does it work?

As a merchant, you need to deliver a compelling shopping experience to establish trust and persuade visitors to buy from your shop.

CrazyRocket provides three fantastic games to break the ice, engage users and entice them to complete the purchase because:

  • Gamified pop-ups spark curiosity and challenge users to take action
  • Winning a prize creates a sense of achievement
  • Having a coupon to spend infuses desire to use it... nobody wants to miss out a deal :)


Engage your visitors with the most iconic game ever. Who doesn't love slots? :)


The evergreen wheel of fortune.


Scratch cards... simple yet effective!

Beautiful Templates

Get started in no time with our ready-to-use templates!
Customize everything and store your changes in the Template Library.

Three Layout Modes

You can show the pop-ups in three different ways: notification at the bottom, sidebar (left or right) and classic popup at the center of the screen.




Fully Customizable Design

No compromises: customize your text, logo, background, font, buttons and even CSS.
Our “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor will save you a lot of time while crafting your designs!

Customizable Rewards

Thanks to the integration with Shopify/WooCommerce, coupon codes can be easily selected and applied to your campaign. You can set the probability for all games and, to make things more interesting, you can even set more retries before the user wins the coupon!

Template Library

Have you been working hard to customize your template? You can easily store it on the Template Library and use it in the future... as a starting point to launch your next badass campaign!


Triggers allow you to define when and how users must be engaged.
Worried that pop-ups could be too aggressive for your audience?
Keep calm and try on-site Notifications!

Launch icon

Let users click an icon to launch the pop-up. There are six different icons, and you can also upload your own.

You can position the Launch Icon as desired on mobile and/or desktop devices; you can also hide it on mobile devices if you want a different trigger for them.

Pop-up Triggers

  • Leave intent: Engage users when they move the mouse outside of the screen
  • Time: pop-up after a defined period
  • Page views: show the popup if the user visits at least x pages
  • Scroll: display the popup if the user scrolls the page by x %


Instead of showing the pop-up directly, you can push a small notification at the bottom of the screen to let them know there is an offer waiting for them. Notifications can be set up to trigger by seconds spent on site, pages views, or scroll percentage.

Core features

Many powerful features included in all paid plans!

Scarcity Counter

Scarcity is as a driver of desirability, and you can use it to increase sales! CrazyRocket provides a simple counter you can enable on the campaign to show the number of remaining coupons; this stimulates shoppers to take action.

Countdown Timer

Right after shoppers enter their e-mail, you can show a small banner to create a sense of urgency and entice them to use the coupon as soon as possible.

Mobile Ready

Responsive and compliant to Google rules.


Deep integration with Shopify and WooCommerce for a smooth workflow. You can export e-mails automatically to Klaviyo and MailChimp (other providers coming soon).


We track UTM fields, referrer and landing URL and pass them to your MailChimp or Klaviyo integration.

Coupon injection

Make shopper’s life easier and convert more: CrazyRocket can apply coupons automatically to the checkout for a smoother shopping experience.

Required Fields

Set which additional fields are required (opt-in and/or name)

Privacy and GDPR

Handle the required opt-in checkbox properly for EU/non-EU visitors


Easily translate labels in many languages from the campaign editor.


Easily understand how customers interact with the widget

Error Monitoring

Is a coupon missing on your store admin? Have we blocked an invalid e-mail? If any errors occur, we track it down and notify you when your action is required to fix them.

E-mail list

Filter by date, campaign, and export with a click. Keep track of coupons and sales generated.

Advanced Features

Advanced Page Targeting

  • Url Filter: decide where to show/hide the widget
  • Initial page: trigger a campaign only if the landing page matches a specified query string
  • Referrer: trigger the campaign if the referrer contains or not a specific value
  • Country: show/hide campaign to users coming from a specific country


Do your users prefer slot machines or scratch cards? Pop-up triggers or notifications? We don’t like guesswork and you should not too: you can easily clone campaigns to make changes and run multiple campaigns (even different games) at the same time. The system will rotate campaigns automatically and the Campaigns Overview allows you to understand which one is performing better easily.


Generate unique coupons automatically, starting from the discount codes provided. This allows you to improve the way sales are tracked.

Analytics that makes sense

How are your campaigns performing? Are Facebook ADS converting?

Thanks to our analytics you won’t need to become a rocket scientist to understand that.
You can quickly filter by date, understand how people interact with the widget,
what traffic converts better and much more!

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