Embed a Campaign on a Shopify Page

With CrazyRocket, you can easily create a campaign and embed it in your landing page, ex., shop.com/pages/spin-wheel.

A dedicated landing page has many benefits:

  • You can run special promotions and use the direct link to promote them via ads and newsletters
  • Improve brand experience: you can build a page that fits your brand and marketing goals
  • Increase call-to-action and opt-in rates

1) From Campaign > Global Settings, expand the "Embedding Code" section and copy your embedding code.

2) Create a landing page on Shopify

Open your Shopify Admin, click on the "Online Store" option, then on Pages and eventually on "Add Page"

3) Paste your embedding code

Enter a title for your page and click on the <> icon to enable the HTML editor.

Paste the embedding code and click SAVE.

4) Preview your landing page

Preview your page and fine-tune your HTML and CSS settings as required.

Layout depends on your theme: of course, you can create a custom layout (with Liquid) to fit your needs.

For our tests, we created a basic .liquid theme with an empty template:

5) Set the PAGE FILTER (Optional)

If you want to show the campaign ONLY on the landing page, use the URL PAGE FILTER option.


You can now share the campign with your audience 😎

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