Quick Guides

Get started in minutes and learn tricks to get the most out of CrazyRocket.

Install on Shopify


Install CrazyRocket on your shop in 3 minutes.

Install on WooCommerce


Install on WooCommerce in 3 minutes.

Launch your first campaign.


Time to have fun! Let's launch your first campaign.

Zapier Webhook


Send collected e-mails to a Zapier Webhook

Omnisend Integration


Send collected e-mails to Omnisend automatically.

CampaignMonitor Integration


Send collected e-mails to CampaignMonitor automatically.

ActiveCampaign Integration


Send collected e-mails to ActiveCampaign automatically.

Mailchimp Integration


Send collected e-mails to Mailchimp automatically.

Klaviyo Integration


Send collected e-mails to Klaviyo automatically.

On-site Notifications


Learn how to use On-site Notifications


Got Questions?
Most likely the template is using a CSS that is overriding the BACKGROUND COLOR, to fix that:
1) Scroll to the CSS settings
2) Remove the body, .overlay { background: url({cdn-theme-path}...) no-repeat !important; line
3) Try to apply the custom color from the dropdown again
The "RESET CLIENT'S CACHE" button allows you to force a cache refresh on ALL CLIENTS when they visit the site again. That's useful if:
1) you are testing a campaign and need to clear the cache without having to reset cookies over and over
2) you want to make sure that campaigns are visible to users even if they joined previously
A/B Testing your campaigns with CrazyRocket is simple!

All you need to do is create various campaigns and enable them at the same time.
The system will take care to alternate them by assigning a different campaign to each new visit.
You can create A/B Test Groups to filter the campaigns on the Campaign Overview.
If you are A/B Testing colors and text, there is a convenient CLONE button that allows you to clone campaigns to apply changes.
Shopify stores: payments are handled directly by their platform.

WooCommerce stores: we rely on Stripe and you can purchase a subscription from the dashboard, all major credit cards are supported.

Help needed?

We'll reply as soon as possible from 9 AM to 8 PM CET.

We always reply to support requests, if you don't receive a reply within 12 hours, please try to contact us again at hello[at]crazyrocket[dot]io